Logitech MX Master scrolling issue

Since shortly after its initial release, I have used the Logitech Anywhere MX mouse for my desktop pc. I’m a huge fan of Logitech hardware, they have yet to disappoint me after years and years of products. If I couldn’t get Logitech input hardware, I would go with Microsoft, but that’s another story. So a week or two back, my Anywhere MX finally gave out, after years of loyal service. I’m not sure if it was just wear and tear from age, did I mash it too hard (after years of use tha bettery sometimes made bad contact inside, so I often gave it a tap on my desk with the back to lodge it back into place), … But the left button didn’t function quite as well anymore all of a sudden. I had to press it fairly hard or it would magically double-click or not click at all.

Time for a replacement! My philosophy when it comes to hardware, don’t cheap out. Good hardware will last years, it’s worth the price tag. So I go to the Logitech website and start hunting. Eventually I decide to get the MX Master. This is Logitech’s follow-up on the Anywhere MX’ bigger brother, the Performance MX. After I got it, I just fell completely in love. It took some getting used to the large desktop form factor, as I usually go with portable mice, but the functionality is simply amazing. After years of Anywhere Mx, I also couldn’t live without the hyper scroll system that allows you to scroll insanely fast and this has also been greatly improved.

Now this isn’t a product review, but actually a “quick fix” for an issue I bumped into. I play some FPS games every now and then and this is where I first noticed the issue. Sometimes when I scrolled to switch guns, the game would just keep swapping multiple times, as if I’d scrolled more than a single tick. Later when resizing my browser contents I noticed the same issue. Every time I tried to resize by using the Ctrl + Scroll combination, it resized twice, as if I had scrolled two ticks. This was extremely frustrating.

Today I decided to finally mess around with the settings of the device, to try and fix this. I found a solution. Simply open the Logitech Options software, hit the “Point and scroll” tab and then disable the “Smooth scrolling” feature. You will still get the hyper scrolling (freespin mode) functionality, but you will scroll with single scrolling ticks in “rachet mode” now.

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