JNI For Delphi Preview

I’m currently developing a new modernized JNI wrapper for Delphi 2010 and up.  The old wrappers found here and here do work, but my wrapper requires less work to set up and uses a lot of new Delphi language features to ensure it works smoothly. The wrapper has been rewritten from scratch to include all features of JNI in JDK 1.6. Note that this wrapper is NOT backwards compatible with the old JNI wrappers, but switching to this one shouldn’t be too hard. At the moment the wrapper itself is far from complete, but it’s a preview including a small sample application. Afterwards I might also be wrapping JVMTI and create a bigger more user-friendly framework to encapsulate JNI. You can download the preview here: http://ibeblog.com/files/JNIForDelphi%200.1.rar

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