Setting up the PiFace Digital with Raspbian/Minibian

pifaceUnconnectedThe PiFace Digital is an I/O expansion board for the Raspberry Pi. It has to be installed by plugging it on to the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi. The PiFace website has its own guide which tells you how to set up the PiFace. I’d also like to provide you with my own guide to do this on Raspbian or Minibian.

Before proceeding, you should make sure you have executed step 2 and 3 of my first steps guide for Minibian. If you are logged in as an account other than the root account, you should add “sudo” in front of all of the commands described in the guide. If you are running Raspbian with a desktop environment, you have to open a command-line terminal window first.

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pie-faceMy PiFace is here! I ordered this two days ago from the Dutch retailer Minifo. I won’t lie, ordering it was a fairly trying experience. Their website responded rather sluggishly and when I first tried to order, it failed to open the payment gateway, leaving me with an open unprocessed order on my account, which I can’t do anything about. They also only offer free shipping starting at a €100 order. But I can’t argue with the delivery. It was delivered within 2 days as promised.

RPi-PiFaceI’m looking forward to playing around with this, I’ve had a Raspberry Pi since it was released, as I had pre-ordered it, but it has just been gathering dust in one of my “computer related stuff drawers”. I might post some things about the Pi and the PiFace on this blog as I go along. As usual, probably notes and tips I find useful myself.


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