pie-faceMy PiFace is here! I ordered this two days ago from the Dutch retailer Minifo. I won’t lie, ordering it was a fairly trying experience. Their website responded rather sluggishly and when I first tried to order, it failed to open the payment gateway, leaving me with an open unprocessed order on my account, which I can’t do anything about. They also only offer free shipping starting at a €100 order. But I can’t argue with the delivery. It was delivered within 2 days as promised.

RPi-PiFaceI’m looking forward to playing around with this, I’ve had a Raspberry Pi since it was released, as I had pre-ordered it, but it has just been gathering dust in one of my “computer related stuff drawers”. I might post some things about the Pi and the PiFace on this blog as I go along. As usual, probably notes and tips I find useful myself.


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