RAD Studio XE Preview #2

The 2nd RAD Studio XE preview has been released today! After viewing it I find myself a bit disappointed as there is still no mentioning of the cross-platform compiling which was the most anticipated feature of the product. Although there has been no video release of the #3 preview yet which is planned for the 24th, they did already release details on what it’s about, still no mentioning of cross-platform though.

Embarcadero has been building a lot of 3rd party applications into RAD Studio XE, in the 1st preview they already showed the integration of 3rd party difference software and now they’ve added Raize CodeSite, a piece of logging software from their technology partner Raize Software which develops Delphi components and tools, the AQTime profiler and FinalBuilder. The upside to doing this integration is the obvious fact that they don’t have to develop their own versions of these products from scratch but instead can use finished products that have already gone through a lot of releases making them very stable en reliable. The downside is that most of these products are somewhat limited in use unless you purchase their extended versions.

What drew my attention mostly in this preview was the addition of FinalBuilder, it allows you to schedule automated builds. As i understand it, it has been integrated into all of the RAD Studio products which will enable you to create automated builds very easily.

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