Delphi Components

This list is a collection of free and/or open-source Delphi components, if there’s one not in the list you’d like to see in it, don’t hesitate to tell me in a comment.

  • JCL (JEDI Code Library) – JCL is a vast library with tons of non-visual Delphi components. It contains components for numerous different purposes.
  • JVCL (JEDI Visual Component Library) – JVCL like JCL is a very big library of components from the JEDI project. This library contains visual components such as buttons, edits, labels and much more.
  • NativeXml – A very fast and powerful native XML library for Delphi. The library is fully object-oriented.
  • Virtual Tree View – A powerful enhanced treeview component for Delphi.
  • SpTBXLib – A visual component library with support for themed toolbars and docks.
  • Wave Audio – An audio library for playing wave files.
  • i18n – A library to internationalize applications.
  • JEDI-SDL – A Delphi wrapper for the SDL game engine.
  • HTMLViewer – A powerful HTML viewing component.
  • DUnit – A Delphi testing framework.
  • MidWare – A middleware framework to create application servers.
  • tiOPF – An open-source object persistence framework.
  • Delphi Collections – A framework containing all sorts of generic Delphi collections.

Networking libraries:

  • Indy Project – An advanced free socket library with support for many protocols.
  • Synapse – A blocking socket library supporting various protocols.
  • Internet Component Suite – A socket library with support for multiple protocols.

Compression libraries:

  • ZipMaster – A Delphi wrapper for zip libraries.
  • ZLib – A Delphi wrapper for the zlib compression library.

Graphics and 3D libraries:

  • Graphics32 – A powerful native graphics library with built-in support for a lot of advanced graphics editing.
  • GraphicsEx – A library supporting many different graphics formats.
  • GLScene – An OpenGL library for Delphi.

 Script engines:

  • Pascal Script – A Pascal based script engine with support for a lot of standard Pascal language features and api calls.
  • Sepi – A powerful Pascal based script engine with a lot of features.
  • RUTIS – Another Pascal based script engine.
  • Delphi Web Script – A Pascal/JavaScript hybrid scripting language with JavaScript export capabilities.
  • Lape – A Pascal based script engine compatible with PascalScript.

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